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system construction
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quality management system (iso9001:2015)

     the company established a quality management system in july 2007 to strengthen the company's quality management, improve its quality management level and enhance market competitiveness, and the system has been effective and efficient for more than 13 years by adopting  a quality management model having “continuous and stable ability to provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations, based on the identification and prevention of quality risks, to promote customer-focused corporate culture, to apply process methods and to assure sustainable improvement".

     the company has spent huge sums of money to provide resources for products development, manufacture and sale to assure the effective operation of the quality management system. for example, we spent a lot of money to hire professional and technical personnel from korea and japan to gurantee  technology development and expertise on technology management product to improve product quality. in addtion, a 10,000-class clean room was established and we purchased more than 20  advanced automatic micro-autofocus motor production lines from home and abroad, becaming the world's largest vcm production base.we also set up a professional  management team for suppliers to strictly selects their quality. some materials are imported from japan to ensure product quality. the company has done elaborate work in aspects of "people, machines, materials, principles and procedures" and made satisfying products.

      in order to ensure the quality of each motor and make a good product that customers are absolutely assured, the company has established a ra laboratory and purchased expensive equipment for reliability testing, such as the controller fo temp, high and low temperature impact cases, compound environment tester, salt spray device, automatic tumble tester, single product dropping tester, light drop tester and so on.


hazardous substance management system (qc080000:2017):

       in order to meet relevant laws and regulations and customer requirements for green products, the company establishes and effectively operates a hazardous substance management system. we plan to abolish and reduce relevant hazardous chemicals, design environmentally friendly products, strictly control the production process to  prevent the incorporation of relevant hazardous chemicals in products. we aim at complying with regulations to protect the global environment and reduce the impact on the ecosystem. from the perspective of product life cycle, we make efforts on environmental protection from product design and development, raw material procurement, production process management, packaging and storage by reducing or prohibiting the use of hazardous substances to produce environmentally friendly products for customers and the world. the company has established a product hazardous substance management team, which has specially purchased high-precision rohs testing instruments to establish emergency preparedness and response processes for hazardous substances.

environmental management system (iso14001:2015):

       the company always adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, service and high efficiency”, and takes “keeping compliance with laws and regulations, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction” as its own responsibility. it also continuously improves environmental management level through implementing environmental policies for all employees. the afvcm manufacturer keeps striving for reducing the discharge of wasted water, air and materials, preventing noise pollution, and provide environmentally friendly products to the society in a green process.

occupational health and safety management system (iso45001:2018):

         new shicoh has gradually established an occupational health and safety management system  in order to prevent and reduce production accidents, protect employees' health and safety, and ensure a good working environment and it has past the first sgs certification audit. at present, the company has achieved high-quality standarized management in aspects of personnel qualification, equipment safety, special equipment safety, chemical storage and use, related operations, occupational health and so on. occupational health and safety is the prerequisite and important guarantee for the company to achieve steady development. we has always regarded production safety as the first requirement of work and strengthened the system construction, implemented a more perfect management system and stricter liability system.  we has taken safety production into performance assessment, strengthen production risk prevention and control,  hidden danger management to gurantee healthy and stable development.

intellectual property management system:

         with the rise of the knowledge economy, intellectual property has become a core element of market competitiveness. enterprises are the main body of independent innovation and intellectual property creation, application, management and protection. improving intellectual property management  is an important guarantee for enhancing the ability of independent innovation. in response to national policies and safeguarding its technological advantages , the enterprise took the lead in responding to the national call for establishing the gb/t29490 intellectual property management system  in 2017, becoming one of the first enterprises in the province and even in the country to pass the intellectual property certification. at present, we own more than 210 invention patents and more than 50 practical patents. the products are widely used in mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, xiaomi and vivo.

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