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job opportunities
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pe engineer
job responsibilities:
1. new product introduction: introduce new products to the production department according to the information provided by r&d department;
2. the improvement of mass production efficiency: find ways to improve the production efficiency of mass production, increase production capacity and reduce production cost according to the production demand and process;
3, equipment improvement: improve equipments to increase production capacity according to production needs,making full use of equipments.
job requirements:
technical secondary school or above, more than 1 year working experience in pe;
able to read drawings and be proficient in operating related software;
have good planning, management, improvement capabilities, strong overall planning, execution, communication and coordination skills.
contact information:
       address: no. 58 jinjia avenue, jiashan county, jiaxing city, zhejiang province
       postal code: 314100
       tel: (086)-0573-84559888-8144
       mobile: (086)-182-5736-1873
       contact: mr. jiang
i want to apply for this position.
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