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job opportunities
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new technology promotion
job responsibilities:
1. collect product demand in the industry, analyze future industry situation and product trends, and provide data support for product development;
2. communicate with customers on vcm/lens technology  regularly, share the company's latest product development progress and planning, and get customers' needs to promote accordingly;
3. provide technical and data support for customers to select vcm/lens, solve the technical problems encountered by customers in the selection, and give reasonable solutions.
job requirements:
1. familiar with vcm, camera module and mobile phone market,  be able to participate in design and discussion and communicate with customers and finalize the case;
2. experience in opening case, designing and discussions with major terminal customers in the market;
3. excellent coordnator with strong team spirit and good communicatio;
4. have various customer relationships and market intelligence related to the industry.
contact information:
        address: no. 58 jinjia avenue, jiashan county, jiaxing city, zhejiang province
        postal code: 314100
        tel: (086)-0573-84559888-8144
        mobile: (086)-182-5736-1873
        contact: mr. jiang
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