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job opportunities
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sqe engineer

sqe engineer
job responsibilities:
 1. responsible for guranteeing quality of materials from suppliers, incoming inspection, process inspection, customer complaints, etc.
 2. analyze the cause of the failure when an abnormality occurs, propose a temporary countermeasure, and synchronize the supplier to propose an improvement report, that is, an 8d report, track and confirm the improvement effect, and conduct on-site audit and inspection if necessary;
 3. supplier performance evaluation and quality improvement promotion:
 a. weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual comprehensive scores for supplier's incoming material quality, online quality status, abnormal response timeliness, and degree of cooperation. for suppliers with low scores, it is required to rectify within a time limit;
 b. conduct regular audits of suppliers every year. when quality is unstable or major abnormalities occur, suppliers are subject to irregular audits;
 c. conduct regular quality meeting reviews with suppliers;
 4. control the supplier's process;
 5. responsible for the recognition and later monitoring of molds;
 6. responsible for developing iqc inspection specifications, and providing inspectors with timely training;
 7. participate in the evaluation and release of the initial sample of suppliers;
 8. participate in the development and review of new suppliers, and evaluate the new suppliers together with the procurement and r&d departments;
 9. evaluate and advance the 4m application submitted by suppliers.
job requirements:

1. junior college degree or above;

2. more than 2 years of sqe management experience in the electronics industry, especially vcm industry;

3. familiar with seven major qc methods and skilled in analyzing product quality.

contact information:
       address: no. 58 jinjia avenue, jiashan county, jiaxing city, zhejiang province
       postal code: 314100
       tel: (086)-0573-84559888-8144
       mobile: (086)-182-5736-1873
       contact: mr. jiang
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