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from ceo office

new shicoh, new technology, new start, new development
       in the ever-changing globalization process, imaging technology of mobile phones is constantly innovating and improving, making the world more colorful and making our memories more beautiful! we, as new members in shicoh family, are constantly striving hard for it by self-breakthrough, pioneering innovation, maintaining a firm belief and taking the road of independent development. we have designed and developed fan motor, linear motor, vibration motor, zoom motor and other products, which are widely adopted in mobile phones, computers, automobiles, security and other products. for decades, our major customers have spread all over the world, including apple, samsung, nokia, lg, sharp, zte, huawei, tcl, lenovo, xiaomi and other well-known enterprises. in recent years, it has also made great achievements in intellectual property, and has more than hundreds of patents by now. the new shicoh once designed and developed the world's smallest product, and obtained relevant patents. we have created many world firsts in micro-motors. among the development of new shicoh, our leadership in this field has never changed because of our advanced technology and unique patents.
the past, present, and future progress and development of new shicoh are inseparable from the support and trust of all sectors of society. we are also taking this as a driving force to continue our evolution and innovation in the rapid development and change of micro-motor industry. our sustainable pursuit is "taking customer first, giving market priority, and striving to create unique products in the world". at the same time, we are improving r&d speed and combining with our traditional technology advantages to achieve miniaturization of the motor and to provide customers with cost-effective and satisfactory products. we will continue to strengthen our management system and optimize our business strategy. we will keep introducing new technologies and products that lead the world's industrial innovation, and kick off the new era of micro-motors.
       here, on behalf of the new shicohers, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to the community for their trust and support. "mutual benefit and win-win cooperation" is our business philosophy! our communication with the outside world is continuous and unimpeded. you are welcome to contact us and welcome you to the company for field visits.
       god rewards those who work hard. all the achievements are all condensed with the diligence and wisdom of all new shicohers! here, i would like to extend my most sincere greetings and best wishes to employees in new shicoh who have worked hard in various positions! you are a member of the new shicoh family, and the most valuable asset for the corporate. challenges and opportunities coexist with hope and pressure in the future. as long as we are prepared for danger in safety, keep high spirit, unite with each other and forge ahead, we will be able to overcome difficulties and seize new opportunities on a new start to tackle new challenges and make a new leap!

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