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new year's speech 2019: practice and innovation, achieve dreams!

release date:2019-01-01

                                                                 simon  deliang geng, general manager of new shicoh motor co., ltd.

time goes by, god rewards diligence, we have gone through 2018 down-to-earth, and we have confidence in a hundred times to usher in the hopeful 2019! in this beautiful moment of leaving the old and welcoming the new, i would like to represent the new shicoh senior management and myself, to you for the new shicoh of the past and future, as always enterprising, diligent, hard work, and make contributions to all staff, as well as silent support and dedication. season's greetings and good wishes from my family! i would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the customers, partners, students, friends and businessmen who have long cared about and supported the company's development. i wish you all the best in your work, good health, ambitious exhibition, rolling in financial resources, and all the best in your family.

   this year, the international situation is changing, trade frictions and market access barriers are increasing, and the mobile phone industry also presents a "stronger, weaker" market pattern. crossing the sea, show the company's true character, we advance in difficulties, innovate in progress, and develop in innovation! we insist on customer demand-oriented, sales business as the criterion, department function positioning as the responsibility, down-to-earth, unswerving determination. therefore, although the past year has faced tremendous challenges, we still have fruitful results - production of vivo project in march; production input of 10*10 production line in may; visit of apple in june, project launch; patent authorization of sma ois in august; three ois phases in september. following the development, establishment and sample exchange, the oppo audit was approved in october, and the headquarters of apple visited. by november, the c/d improvement reached 15%, and the annual output in december exceeded 100 million.

    this year, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of "thinking leads the future, innovation achieves dreams", although facing challenges, but still achieved remarkable results - more perfect sales layout, successful trial production of high-end products, let us enter the high-end market such as tiger wings; china, japan, korea r& d team to build, enhance our core competitiveness, leading the direction of industry development; in 2018, we applied for 62 patents, won the honorary titles of "jiaxing r&d center" and "zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise", presided over and completed the compilation of "zhejiang manufacturing group standard for miniature voice coil linear motor", which has been released and implemented, and made great progress in engineering process optimization and automation upgrading. step by step, upph continues to climb; 21 kk monthly production capacity reached, increased by 40% compared with the same period last year, which highlights the rising speed of enterprise scale; 40 people in guan pei sheng echelon reserve, 36 professionals introduced, rich and diverse enterprise culture construction, various staff growth and welfare initiatives landed, providing a strong impetus for the sustainable development of enterprises.

"but take care of the way you come, the green and green is slight"! 16 the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory! in particular, when we look back on the past, the height of a year ago, the height of the present, i believe that many teams, many colleagues, have infinite feelings, is incomparable pride. when we stand at this new height, overlook the overlapping mountains and peaks that have been turned over, close our eyes and recall the tortuous mud that we have experienced, how can we not rejoice in our efforts, how can we not be inspired by our perseverance! behind the greatness is misery! of course, the detachment at this moment is just the beginning of the next grand passage. we need to open business boundaries, where responsibility is, where we are; we need to open management boundaries, where opportunities are, where we are; we need to open organizational boundaries, where talents are, where we are; we need to open ideological boundaries, where methods are, where we are. where; we need to open the boundaries of competence, where the craftsmen are, where we are...

market economy, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, competition for natural selection! we have harvested results, but also experienced setbacks - lower prices, higher costs, homogeneous competition and other adverse factors, but i always firmly believe that difficulties contain opportunities, challenges and great achievements! in the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of products and talents. in 2019, we still adhere to the principle of "meeting customer needs! ensure process quality! promote the culture of hostages in the whole staff! the quality policy meets the needs of customers from the aspects of quality, cost, delivery time, service and technical ability, cooperates closely and advances hand in hand from the persistent innovation of design scheme and zero defect, the consistency of continuous improvement and stability of process and the stability of supplier's material quality, and adheres to the principle of "customer-centered, striver-centered, self-reliance and long-term hard struggle". core values, adhere to the "responsibility results oriented" evaluation as the main principle, constantly motivate employees, promote the overall performance and ability of individuals and teams to continue to improve! on the basis of adhering to the results of responsibility, from emphasizing "individual effective output" to considering "the contribution of creating value for customers, other people's output and utilizing other people's output", the key and difficult topics are to set up special forces commando team with special project system, concentrate resources, concentrate firepower, break through quickly, and bring all projects into production smoothly, and strive to achieve sales in 2019. the strategic target of "450 million yuan, 183 million pieces of goods shipped, 98% of the crop momentum rate and 98% of the product qualified rate" is to achieve the goal. always bear in mind the mission, carry dreams, overcome difficulties, pioneer and forge ahead, with full enthusiasm and vigorous fighting spirit, steadily and steadily, and constantly realize the leap-forward development of enterprises!

talents echelon construction, we continue to face the global recruitment of all kinds of elite talents in the industry at the same time, to tap the potential of existing talent, and constantly train the future talent reserves of elite classes! at the same time, we should constantly optimize the organizational structure, explore in depth the differences of incentive structures of different business characteristics under the consistency of human resources policy orientation, and combine various incentive tools to match the responsibility and contribution results of organizations and individuals, so as to promote each organization and individuals to actively pursue better performance. bonus incentives should be timely and clearly distinguish their own positions. in addition to the difference between work and outstanding contributions, more work, more merit and better remuneration, but in line with the dedication attitude of "although you work hard, god will have its own arrangements", we should not only stimulate the current contribution, but also look to the future, so that the concept of "do the best, pay always pays back" is deeply rooted in people's hearts. at the same time, we should try our best to avoid the mediocrity of the cadre ranks and avoid thinking about becoming a mediocre company. our cadres should be vigorous, not dusk, be in danger, sail against the current, and go backwards if they do not advance. we should implement the concept of performance management that everyone is equal before contribution, and eliminate the abundant "mr. nanguo" through assessment. we should be afraid and remember the old motto of "good is like climbing up, evil is like falling down". we should adhere to the tri-phasic doctrine, complete execution, and be an ant's leg rather than a sparrow's mouth. we should establish a relatively stable operation system and active team with high efficiency, high quality and survival of the fittest through the construction of systematic staff system.

when sailing by the side of the sunken boat, there will be times when the wind breaks through the waves. any difficulties and dangers can't stop the pace of thinking people's progress! break through thorns and thorns into avenues, break through barriers and seize parks, and then set out again! 2019 is doomed to be a very extraordinary year. although we can not change the macro environment, we can only steadfastly improve the industry and new shicoh small environment, facing the fierce competition of thousands of sails racing across a hundred rivers, only fighting iron needs to be hard, hard work, improve the quality of operation, stimulate the vitality of the system, give full play to the management advantages, make full use of platform resources, go forward bravely and make full efforts. adequate customer needs, to achieve strategic leadership, to remain unchanged, the road remains unchanged, the great goal of our yearly struggle for renewal of new shicoh, continue to move forward day by day!

the last leg of a journey marks the halfway point. although we have traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, we still need to continue to trek. the achievements made in the past year will surely inspire the team's fighting spirit and further enhance the confidence and courage to achieve the new goals! in the new year, the prophet of spring river water warm duck, we must and only have the determination to "never break loulan, never return it", take the initiative to attack, meet difficulties, actively respond to them, prohibit them, be wise and calm; talk about misleading countries, work hard and prosper the country, the sky will not miss the pie, and strive hard to make our dreams come true, according to the company. the new year's set goal, with cai chairman as the core of the board of directors and heads of departments under the leadership, roll up the sleeves to refuel, with actual results on heroes! in 2019, let's meet the challenges together, embrace more harvest and growth together, and create a better future!

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