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the second phase of the new era of fun and fun has come to a successful conclusion.

release date:2018-07-27
july, the scorching sun, hot sun, all the company sweat, hard work, challenge the "20 kk input, 16 kk shipment target" reached, in order to alleviate the fatigue of the majority of colleagues, increase leisure fun, better prepared for the job, the executive department on 18, 19, 20 this month for the company continued to be complete. his colleagues launched the second phase of "fun fun garden activities".
1. pinball
three people in one group, who won the most in one minute. the game is easy to operate into a strong, the main test participants hand-eye coordination ability, but also test their patience and calm.
2. blowing table tennis
the first person to blow a table tennis ball from the first cup to the last cup wins. because the game is a test of the strength of the players blowing, a little bit not grasped, table tennis will blow away, many competitors out of the state, causing people laughing.
3. table tennis
place the table tennis ball on the racket in a group of three and hold it from the starting point to the finishing point. if the ball falls in the middle of the racket, it will be a failure. the game mainly tests the participants'physical coordination ability and running speed. as the day of the event is breezy, many participants are not good at starting the game. table tennis is blown off by the wind at the beginning of the game, which adds a lot of difficulty and fun to the game.
besides the lunch break, the general manager will not forget this activity.
with interest, i have experienced 3 interesting games with you.
at the same time, we encourage everyone to work hard and prepare for the challenge.
after watching, i don't think it's addictive. the third interesting and colorful tour will be held in august. let's look forward to it!
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