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mobilization of productivity, quality, cost reduction and efficiency" mobilization meeting

release date:2018-06-14

in june 7th, the annual national college entrance examination was opened. in this special day, held a "newshicoh capacity, quality, cost reduction, to celebrate the june capacity breakthrough 18kk as the theme of the growth rate of the mobilization meeting!each department has a team of participants. in the loud music, general manager geng de liang announces the beginning of the conference.

he first expressed his deep feeling greetings to the colleagues who joined the new shicoh team of different nationalities. next to you, from the history of 2017, from april to september, the new shicoh is the best for each month. since the beginning of the year in 2018, the company has got a lot of new projects, the order continues to grow. in the first 5 months, we are trying to nurture and incubate new cases, june. continuous feeding 18kk finally ushered in the new historical target, shipments of 15kk, once again we are facing new opportunities and challenges, therefore, in terms of capacity, quality, cost and efficiency indicates the new shicoh about a "college entrance examination".

chairman cai then expressed the "entrance" of the new shicoh of high hopes, he expects the entire company to maximize the release of production capacity, in june began to produce a large amount of difficulties, win the battle lasting increment!" he demanded that the manufacturing department need a lot of goods and materials to hand over to customers. the quality department should do a good job of assisting. we must dare to judge, dare to draw a conclusion, check the quality and eliminate customer complaints. the r & d department, with all its efforts, is perfect in every product design, and can enter the mass production step by step, while taking into account the cost. the process automation department is very fast in service production, service manufacturing, truly accessible, and achieves 24 hours of continuous service delivery. the first goal of all departments this month is also to achieve the most important goal. all the staff must work efficiently under the strict deployment and systematic arrangement of geng general manger.

june is the first month of new shicoh to turn over and fly.

in view of how to achieve the production capacity target in june, the deputy general of the manufacturing department has analyzed the current capacity, cost analysis and breakthrough of higher productivity. the departments of r & d, quality, technology and engineering, pm, sales and other departments need closer coordination and cooperation, and work together to achieve the goal. manufacturing shipments can reach, depends on whether the quality assurance, quality assurance and some characteristics of the current department deputy general beam quality are analyzed, and some low-level prone to quality problems, put forward the expectation and requirement for the front-end technology and process.

        at the same time, the general manager also stressed: "[quality cost, quality is profit, quality is order, quality is the only good quality and dignity, there will be profits, enterprises can obtain customer approval, there will be more orders."

then they were shared by ie, pm, process engineering, r&d department heads, "what can you do for quality?" the experience has also been echoed by the broad masses of colleagues. the conference also invited mr. miyashita, a senior quality expert from japan, and vice president cui, from south korea's technology and engineering department, to make a plan for the company's present and future plans. the general manager also hopes that more professional resources will be added to the new shicoh.

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