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happy mother's day

release date:2018-05-13

well done! the company's orders have surged recently, and the pressure of shipping has increased sharply. thanks to your efforts of lucky gods, opportunities have been thinking and thinking about shicoh. the company's performance is bound to go up this year. thank you for your forgetting your sleep, your food and your hard work. i would like to thank you on behalf of the company. on the occasion of mother's day, thank you for your excellent and happy holidays.

the horse is running out, and the force is hit. no fear of hardship, 3&5 years of hardship, fear of hardship, hard life, great heart, strong ability, and great stage. only the unexpected, not can not do! do not think that it will be rewarded as long as it is paid. it is wrong to learn to work effectively. it is an important course to manage your strength. to learn new things and to make progress, you must put down your own posture, empty your heart, and the success of ordinary people is not by talent, but to the unusual talent to be uncommon. height! a positive person sees an opportunity in every trouble, while a negative person sees a certain anxiety in every opportunity. how big the ability of a person is to endure loneliness and how much he is capable of. i believe in strength to shape character, character determines fate, and the establishment of great life is not known, but i can do it. the reason why people are able to believe can, any restrictions, is from their own inner limits, self abandonment is the fate of the slave, self strength is the angel of life! if our great mother, as we do today, has a narrow consideration of the difficulties, conditions, circumstances, and family factors of the time that we have had, there will be one hundred reasons for not being born to us today, and there is no later us! however, knowledge is shallow and education is not high, but mothers and mothers who love mothers and mothers are still facing difficulties, and despise difficulties and resolutely decide to give birth to us. so don't always think about doing something wrong, give up, which team has problems, which team has advantages? it is not a wise move to avoid pressure and re - choice. the problem itself is not a problem. the attitude to the problem and the deep and objective cognition of myself is the problem. if you don't want to do it, you will always find an excuse. if you want to do it, you will find a way. man, sometimes the difference between one's thoughts and one's own is always lost to oneself instead of others. big cause and big goal only after every department in the company finished the part of its own part, the project can enter the next link, no one department can make a complete product independently, everyone is only a link in the company's target chain, only the ring can reach the standard. the manager can't see only the trees that don't see the forest, have the overall and overall sense of the situation. a good team is bound to be a group of energetic people with strong goals, high efficiency, strong execution, and cooperation and efficient cooperation. it is important to the leadership, willing to give you the stage and opportunity, to teach you or to let you do the leadership. cherish it! performance is the dignity of your workplace, is the best proof of your ability and contribution, no one can take away, performance can speak, not what you say. with your achievements and complementing each other, you will have a higher and larger stage and platform, so that you will have greater authority and decision-making power. the stage and platform have never been talked about, the kidnapping is not more than, i only want to be upright and upright, i only wish to do things in the open and aboveboard, i will remember that i will not forget, the forgotten i will not store!

 on this road, there is no shortcut, everyone is a practitioner. behind all the successes, there are unknown hardships and bitterness. all the efforts of all people are for a good future for the company and the individual. so, cai chairman and i sincerely hope that all departments and people can unite and unite. as long as we are in the city, in the same boat, as long as we are not in the air of imagination, and do not aim at the sound of imaginary sound, tread on the stone and scratch the iron, three ideas, practice, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, roll up the sleeves, throw away the arm, do the hard work, the hard work, the innovation, the 560 million turnover, the 180 million motor shipments. it will be realized, and it will be realized!

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