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2018 new year's speech: innovation breakthrough, resplendence

release date:2017-12-31

                                                                                                                                                      ---- geng deliang, general manager of new shicoh motor co., ltd.

              east wind makes every flower, every grass daily occurrence! in 2017, the overall recovery of the global economy, some personalized, consumer electronics, intelligent product differentiation, sustained demand, the mobile phone industry is industrial structural change and adjustment in the fierce competition in the market at the same time, still maintained a steady development, the domestic counter, huawei and millet to successfully defend the jedi stop rising strategy business success as the representative of the mobile phone terminal, makes the whole supply chain demand; at the same time, the new shicoh of "target precise positioning" and "competitor" was established in early 2017, the new shicoh of the spirit of "first eat, eat well, and then the first firm and re innovation" of the overall strategy, quickly grab the war no.1 motor market target, through the joint efforts of all our colleagues and fought, always uphold the principle of "to meet customer demand, strengthen the management and quality management adhere to, create value for customers, tongzhou to achieve win-win "concept, the annual volume of the recent breakthrough in the history of 90kk, an increase of 37%; annual revenues of up to about 350 million yuan, an increase of about 5.5%! become the manufacturer of no.1 at the domestic motor factory in 2017!

            as the new year begins, 2017 will soon be over, everything looks fresh and gay., the new year is about to ring the bell, in this happy occasion, on behalf of the new management thinking and i, to all the new shicoh about the past and future, as in the past the diligent jingye contribute all greetings and good wishes! wish you success in work, good health, everything is satisfied, and family health!

as the iron man road, chamc! over the past year, the new shicoh is concerned, it is not an ordinary year, cultivating three years of high-tech, high value-added products light products smooth production; the traditional vcm motor starting capacity demand soaring from april until september, the monthly production capacity exceeded 12kk employees only 1400 people have outstanding achievements; through the development of new products and the introduction of automation to further reduce the contradiction between cost pressures, but after all, and concerted efforts after a bloody battle, so in 2017 the new shicoh of smoothly done or easily solved, the team suffered all kinds of cruel baptism, bathed in the rain, on both the bumpy, also experienced some rainbow after the rain; there have been success joy, sorrow and failures! it's all right.

            i will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea so, don't push the new phase, lag, in the new year, we continue to adhere to the "customer-centric, to strive for the long-term hard work, self-reliance," values do not change, adhere to the principle of "responsibility evaluation results oriented", to achieve a breakthrough in the homogenization of competition, in the new high-end products for innovation (2018, product line strategy for the 60% open loop closed loop motor, 30% motors, 10% high-end motor) allows customers to the brand awareness and a deeper understanding of the patent, and lead the industry ecosystem, to revive the brilliant thinking! return to the apple corp supply chain!

           the old year has exhibition thousand jin, new year again into the hundred foot pole! the new year has not come with the will of human will, are you ready? in the past year, we ushered in the new shicoh of the new shareholders, the introduction of capital, new organizational structure has also been reshaped and wildly beating gongs and drums to reform, streamlining the organization, reduce the redundant inefficient management level, the elimination of lazy inaction, the poor performance of personnel, talents identification with company values, willing to strive for the company is the source of value creation, we adhere to the "open, pluralistic, value, feedback the talent, actively introduce talents, construction companies and talents, create albert win-win tong zhou scientific talents management and evaluation mechanism, set up long xin zhi investment management partnership staging batches of equity incentive the department staff, the corresponding business and work has been getting better, the reform of the body frame has four beams eight columns properties in various fields has been basically established, four the sea has been set, empty talk, hard work and prosperous, the sky will not fall out, strive to come true, our colleagues in accordance with the established goals of a new year (560 million of sales, net profit of 55 million), in order to cai director core board and various departments led by long, roll up your sleeves and go to the actual. the results of the hero!

           do not do this spring this year, next year, spring times more people! passion and sweat achievement in the past, wisdom and fortitude cast the future, hope that in 2018 we can unite as in the past, carry out their duties, pull together in times of trouble, our wills unite like a fortress., do their best to make us full of pride, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, the more firm belief, more pragmatic style, more high morale, and strive for our common cause, for the implementation of the new shicoh of listing in 2020 to make greater contributions to leapfrog development!

           find fang mo flowers such as jin, fold east first shicoh on the stage full of infinite hope has been set up, with big sound will hong chigo sense will much, you would like to take this opportunity to take this wind, realize their dream of value and dream in the new shicoh on the platform, also wish you a bright future, grand exhibition, then all of its records! i believe that years later, you will be proud of your decisions and efforts today. in 2018, let's embrace more harvest and growth together to create a better future together!

december 31, 2017

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