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warm congratulations on the announcement of the equity incentive scheme

release date:2017-12-18

                on december 14th, the introduction of the equity incentive scheme for the new shicoh motor co., ltd.was held in the general conference room. senior director cai, director yan, liu& geng, general and director level and above (including assistant) management staff of 53 people attended the meeting. the company invited well-known lawyer mr. liu chuan at the scene, explain in detail for all participants of the equity incentive plan, and has carried on the simple description of the incentive plan objective, design principle, authorization, responsibility, vesting date and other technical terms, in order to let everyone have a more full understanding and recognition of the program.

                director cai mentioned in his speech, 2018 is the first year of our new thought of ipo, we will be more arduous tasks, confident to the board of directors to the total geng center management team, we hope that concerted efforts, hard struggle, whole-hearted devotion to public duty. the company's equity incentive is not only the affirmation of the effort of the employees, but also the expectation of the employees' struggle in the future.

                as for the content of this project, all the participants are highly recognized and confident of the future of the company and value the hard won opportunities. this conference marks the new entry into the implementation phase of new shicoh equity incentive. this is the beginning of new shicoh and a new journey. with the standardization and institutionalization of business management, all sectors of the company develop healthily.

                new shicoh through the equity incentive plan, further unify their thinking and action, to stimulate the staff hard work ahead, a pool of people, inspire people, selection and development of the human person mechanism within the company, the core strength of the company together, to become a partner of the company, and the company together with a common fate, the company has the development of the take-off mission!

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