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create,concentric and share

release date:2017-10-09

              new shicoh motor co. ltd. in the double eve, held a welcome double celebration ceremony, mr. geng deliang general manager reported 3 quarter operating data before 2017 to you. since this year, in the joint efforts of various departments, through the management improvement in yield, efficiency, cost management and so on for the company to save the operation cost and cost greatly, achieved gratifying results.

         the general manager to thank all the staff, more than 200 days, thank you for the night, the wind and rain, feel the hardships and difficult development.

              the stars change in posotions ,passing of night, we had to change rapidly, the mighty river flows eastward., in the vast world, participation and witnessed the rapid growth of the company!

            the new shicoh person with concentric creation will meet the challenge with 100 times of confidence and will write a new chapter in the 4 quarter with a great passion.

     new shicoh is my second hometown!

new shicoh will win the future together with you!

on the occasion of this double, please take the care and blessing of new shicoh,

new shicoh of all staff:
the cool breeze, osmanthus fragrance, we china ushered in the traditional mid autumn festival, in the country to celebrate double, perfect conjugal bliss, i represent the company to extend holiday greetings to all my colleagues in the new shicoh. in the past nine months, we have participated in and witnessed the rapid growth of the company and shared the difficulties and difficulties of the development. every breakthrough and success of the new thinking can not be separated from the hard work and dedication of your colleagues!
on the occasion of the mid autumn festival, on behalf of the company, i would like to extend my sincere thanks and sincere wishes to all my colleagues. i wish you and your family a happy holiday!

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