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new shicoh wishes you all a happy national day

release date:2019-10-01
looking back in the 70th anniversary of people's republic of china, we witness its rise! in 2019, the great motherland ushered in her 70th birthday. the great journey of 70 years is a long time, and it is a magnificent history. it is a flash memory that is woven into a period of great power.
in this national celebration, new shicoh motor co., ltd. also entered a busy harvest season. this year's "low season" is not "low". it must be a promising market opportunity! during the national day holiday, colleagues from the production related departments such as manufacturing, production management, quality control, pe, automation, procurement, etc., aim to achieve timely delibery, give up their holiday, devote themselves to work, and sacrifice their personal benefits for others! here, new shicoh pays tribute to the comrades on the front line of the company.
keep our initial ambition in mind and move forward, and bless the motherland to be more prosperous!we also wish all staff a happy holiday and safe travel!
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