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mid-autumn festival, the march horn in september

release date:2019-09-13
in this beautiful mid-autumn festival, new shicoh wish you to share a period of happy time with your family.
august 15 in lunar calender is china's traditional mid-autumn festival, which is the most comfortable season in a year. the symbolic food of this festival is mooncakes,which symbolize the perfection.
on the eve of the mid-autumn festival, the general manager led all the company's key personnel to blow the horn of fighting for the 4q production target in 2019!
embrace change, respect work
we should tackle the difficult problems such as human resource, yield rate, materials, and utilization rate, as well as the unfavorable factors of resource shortage to make sufficient preparation for the rapid development of new models! the leaders of each department should take the lead and make themselves examples in exercising the "three xians", that is, the scene, the material, the reality, truly realizing that " no investigation, no right to speak!"
all employees should intensify  efforts and speed up progress to ensure the delivery tasks in september with determination to win by unifying thinking and strengthening confidence, overcoming difficulties. all departments must strictly implement the company's work arrangements, seriously decompose various tasks and distribute specific tasks to corresponding members. the task progress must be in control and we should meet the delivery requirements without compromise! if birds want to fly high, they should flutter their wings first; if a person want to make progress, he should learn first. who is responsible is talented. holding the darkest moment in life is the only way to become a strong man.
the general manager shares the way of employment, teaching us truly know-how.
we neeed to build a wolflike team to lead new shicoh to the peak:
the key points of suitable employment are as follows:
1. making the best of people's strength while being tolerant to their weakness
no one can be perfect.
2. puting right employees in right positions
we can arrange corresponding positions for people of different qualities and talents, setting up posts for specific projects, choosing people by the post. we should broaden our horizons and break identity, age, qualifications, and other hidden rules as well. we only choose talents and the achievement is the unique standards. we focus on ability, performance and contribution in recruitment instead of identity and seniority. we vigorously select and train outstanding young leaders, making room for the talented without any restriction.
3. clearing responsibilities and rights by combining trust and supervision
making the best of talents boldly.
4 creating strong partners to retain better effect
one plus one may surpass two.
5, eliminating three types of employees
those who do not want to change, who show poor ability and performance and who learn slowly. we must upgrade our company!
let's take actions and cooperate to embrace change, giving top priority to customers. let's achieve our goal with fast execution and respect for work.
perfect delivery! meet the deadline! excellent quality!
and happy mid-autumn day! !
with a grateful heart
unity and hard work cast a brilliant road!
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