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new project delivery conference in august

release date:2019-09-12
to guarantee the company's annual business objectives and zero inventory being achieved, we must make fine plans and accurate records of materials and goods, and reach customer’s shipping needs resolutely.
we need to hand over each and every goods with elaborate plans, intense preparation and coordinated resource in all departments!
quality management department:
ensuring product quality to live the enterprise’s annual selling goal
the quality management department is committed to:
attain the quality management goals!
enhancing incoming pass rate to live the enterprise’s annual selling goal
the sqe department promises:
to complete the incoming quality task so as to meet the production needs!
purchasing department:
assisting manufacturing departments to complete the company’s business objectives
the purchasing department promises:
to assure all materials are prepared with high quality and sufficient supply to live the enterprise’s annual selling goa!
operations management department:
supervising the task implementation of different departments in various stage to averse risk and contributes to the company’s strategic plan and long-term development.
the operations management department promises:
to break through the cost bottleneck and improve enterprise profits by effective coordination, proper supervision!
administration department:
providing satisfying service for manufacture-related colleagues to live the enterprise’s annual selling goal
the ministry of administration promises:
to assure various benefits, incentives, logistics services so as to complete the company’s business objectives
finance department:
careful calculation, reasonable control to ensure business funding
the finance department promises:
to complete the minimum funding task!
in the solemn promise and a round of applause, the signing ceremony came to an end. the heads of all departments expressed their determination and courage to complete the task, and made careful arrangements for the timely delivery of new projects.
the general manager made a concluding speech after the signing ceremony. this year’s mass production stage has arrived at a peak. he hoped that we would focus more on capacity, yield and quality improvement, set clear goals, accomplish tasks excellently and create more profits for the company after the mobilization will. he pointed out that every employee who contributes to the company's development should be motivated. incentive plans are to be formulated for special contributions such as one-time sealing of new products developed by r&d, recognition from customers for design of new projects, etc. to fully stimulate employees' enthusiasm and potential, as well as to promote the company's rapid and stable development.
only when we are united, can we be invincible. the general manager has put forward the requirements of “broken wall, pull-through, and high-efficiency” for all departments of the company. it is necessary to break the boundaries of the department, work together, be customer-oriented and efficiently complete each task. the quality director and r&d vice president delivered a speech on the request of the general manager. the quality director sun promised they would cooperate with other departments and give an efficient result under the strictest standards ever. mr. wang, the vice president of r&d expressed that as a fronting department, the morale of each employee in r&d has been ignited, and they are sure to tackle all kinds of difficulties, closely cooperate with all colleagues and develop the best products to achieve the delivery task!
as the conference came to an end, the general manager put forward the promise once again: the real stage is in front of us, if we have ideas, ambitions, and ability, we should be prepared. there are many opportunities waiting for us in the future! the conference ended in an inspiring atmosphere!
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