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the summary & model workers’ commendation meeting after the april goal being reached

release date:2019-05-15

the summary & model workers’ commendation meeting after the april goal being reached

we concluded the summary and model workers' commendation meeting at 13:30 on may 8 after the april goal being reached in order to recall what we have done in april. on this basis, we found our deficiencies, accumulated experience, commended the excellent workers and established models, demonstrating the power of new shicoh. in addition, the old employees were encouraged and the new staff motivated. in this way, the corporate’s cohesion was strengthened.
mr. cai zhenpeng, the chairman of new shicoh motor co., ltd., and mr. geng deliang, the general manager of the company, attended the meeting. the meeting also included all members occupied in indirect positions and the excellent labor models. more than 200 people in total attended the meeting.
first of all, the general manager gave a summary of the overall result in april, 2019. we snatched a temporary victory notably with an excellent result that our input, output and storage get perfect scores through the joint efforts of all employees, which fired the first shot of the battle for this year's goal. mr. geng expressed his thanks to the team leaders and all the staff!
we also examined our deficiency during this period. the manufacturing department had aimed to achieve “≥98% yield” but failed in april. the improvement of yield can’t be realized overnight. it needs our long-lasting hard work day by day and striving for excellence time and time again.
    the goals of the production management department were: "pdca, rapid response, fine planning, accurate account and zero new sluggish materials." the last target has not been achieved as there are still three finished products not delivered as planned. the production management department and the sales section should continue to work for it.
    in march, the direct labor cost dropped slightly. it is obvious that the cost reduction is very difficult. therefore, the enterprise is able to make profits if we can do things right at the first time, for example, the sample being passed for once and the mass production being completed in three months and delivered on time with improved quality. we found 0 major quality problems in march and april. although the quality problems of the products shipped in april needs further observation at the end of may and early june, we should never slack off in products quality.
of course, no department can reach its goal without others’ assistance. thus, thanks to the joint efforts by colleagues in procurement management department, as well as all members in the quality management department including iqc, sqe, our production materials were guaranteed with safety, quantity and quality on time. thinking about the heavy task, we really appreciate your extraordinary work because it is really painful to follow the material. the general manager expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the members once again for their 100% delivery and shipment, accurate finance and other things done perfectly.
     mr. geng said that orders in this year are characterized by quickness and we must seize the opportunity. the mobile phone industry has being facing enormous challenges before the advent of 5g. at present, the favorable trend is to develop towards 3, 4, and 5 cameras. the more cameras the phone needs, the greater the demand for vcm is, but the lower the price will be. and we will face greater pressure in cost. if we can get targeted orders, precise position, quick delivery and reduced cost, we will certainly have an advantage under this year's bad market condition.
next, the model worker was commended. the goals can’t be achieved without the joint efforts of all of us present and front-line employees. one can be an expert by doing a simple thing repeatedly and a winner by doing a simple thing devotedly. model labors are excellent employees who play a leading role in work. the general manager inspired everyone that the model labor was the best in the comprehensive evaluation, but there was still room for growth in all detailed aspect. he hoped that everyone would continue to work hard humbly and be selected again next year. the audience applauded and the atmosphere was lively and enthusiastic.
the award ceremony began in exciting music, and mr. cai, the chairman, awarded the prize (tianwang watch), congratulated the model labors and asked the junior managers to convey his condolences and congratulations to the model labors who are still working on their positions!
in this exciting moment, the chairman praised everyone that the fcst received in this april was the biggest challenge ever. today, everyone gathered together and proved that this impossible task has been tackled perfectly with our ability and strength, which demonstrated that we are no. 1 in the micro motor field. every member in shicoh is proud for our achievements that contain many colleagues' joint efforts and hard work day and night. new shicoh, the company, will give you invaluable return.
but these have been past. mr. reminded that there would be more unprecedented challenges in terms of future shipments waiting for us from the beginning of may to the end of the year as we had established cooperation with large-scale terminals.
finally, the chairman said that 2019 is the decisive year in the battle of the vcm motor industry. we are fortunate to take the lead in the first four months, but we cannot be proud of it. we must continue to maintain the good quality, tradition, habits, management style of the model workers and keep improving. he hoped that new shicoh would witness a stronger team and more brilliant performance at this time next year!
for the model workers, they have their own vows. mr. pan pengcheng, a member of productivity improvement department, gave a speech on behalf of all the model workers with excitement: i was honored to be elected as a model worker. thanks to the company and leaders for their recognition of our efforts. all the work and achievements of the company are not completed independently. the strength of the team is endless. model workers are a group of people who can set examples for others. being elected is both a glory and a responsibility. i must set a good example for everyone. finally, i wish the company a greater future and more brilliant prospect!
next, the general manager put forward higher requirements for future work. we must reach the production target in may with lower cost and high efficiency. quality should be our focus and we need to strive for improvement continuously to increase per capita profits. the work direction of each department should be adjusted around the overall goal, trying to attain high quality with highest efficiency and upph and lowest per capita cost. the work should be around "quality, cost, efficiency".
at the end of the meeting, the heads of all departments took photos with the model workers and led all the members of the department to take photos to record this historical moment.
the new journey has begun. new opportunities, new challenges, and new developments are waiting for us. we adhere to our philosophy of "to lead the future by thinking, to live our dreams through innovation ", and we will not forget our original intentions, move forward, break through ourselves and create greater glories.

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